There are many opinions of that topic. I will present to you mine while trying to be as factual as possible. So let’s start right away.

Why I think Warcraft is better

Let’s start with the singleplayer game: Warcraft 3 is longer than SC2. The campaign (WC3) offers a story that can’t be surpassed in depth, just look at WoW, it’s all based on Warcraft 3.

The gameplay offered a lot of innovations for that time and is not so innovative today, but the perfect execution on the part of Blizzards is. unmatched in the genre. SC2 and WC3 differ fundamentally here, because in WC3 a good portion of RPG has been added to the standard RTS stuff. I.e.: There are special units, so-called “heroes”. These can gain experience over time and thus rise in level, becoming stronger and sometimes gaining completely new abilities (SC2 has nothing comparable).

Heroes and normal units also have inventories. On the cards there are shops where you can equip your heroes, whose number is limited to 3 per round.

Then there’s the genre-standard “base building”, each with its own units, heroes, buildings and upgrades. The MP is based on the incomparable SP and even provides a map editor with which the community can create its own content. Beside standard rankings 1on1s/2on2s/etc. there are also so called player-created “Funmaps”, through which the real longevity of this game comes.

These last from 15 minutes up to 8 hours per round, it often seems as if you are no longer in an RTS, the map editor gives you a lot of freedom, the genre boundaries are often crossed there.

Of course I can’t describe here every detail that makes WC3 a better game, but the playful depth of the gameplay, the lore technical depth and epic of the story and the settings in combination with the possibility to create an infinite number of new and unique maps/gamemodes/content by the community makes this game NR.1. SC2 has some similarities, but never a similar depth.

Oh yes: I see the graphics as timeless, like WoW. But generally pay attention to the graphics as the last thing in games, unless the gameplay depends on it.

Whats nice about Starcraft

In terms of multiplayer technology, Sc2 gives you a range of possibilities. Either you play normally against other players (unrated 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4) or rated (ranking system). Then you can play against the K.I. with different levels of difficulty. Then you have the arcade system which is 99% funmaps like Tower Defenses or Survival games built by the Comminity and very well visited.

But in the end, I would recommend, you play both. They are both incredibly cheap now and available as a remastered version. So you really cannot go wrong with any of the games.

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