Choosing the right initial strategy is one of the most difficult decisions to make at the beginning of any multiplayer match, especially for StarCraft 2 novices. How long should I as a Terran build WBFs, when should I build the first barracks, when should I send which troops first and what should my defense look like?

Standard Terran Opener

The standard opener for Terrans is to first wall up your base ramp (wall-in) and then rush up three barracks. This has the advantage that you will quickly have a huge amount of troops ready and may thus overrun the enemy early.

You start your build order at 10 WBFs and first build a supply depot at the top of your Base Access. Directly next to it you place the first barracks, in order to make then with another depot the entrance completely closed.

On some maps you may need to build more depots to really close any gaps. Your opponent won’t have a chance to get to your base quickly, because he has to destroy the buildings first.

If you want to get your troops through this is no problem, because you can sink any depot manually into the ground.

As soon as your units have passed the wall, you raise the building again and the barrier is sealed again. You build the first refinery and send one of the helpers on an exploratory tour shortly afterwards.

Use the robot to search for your opponent and try to identify his strategy in order to adjust yours if necessary.

Meanwhile produce a space navy in your first barracks and put it right behind your wall. If the first enemy troops encounter you, you can at least pester them with one Marine.

At the same time, you are converting your base into a satellite center so that you can use the scanner search to graze the map for your challenger and request M.U.L.E.s to help you mine resources.

In addition, your barracks #1 will expand with a tech lab to produce marauders.

If your supply count stands at 18, you build the second barracks and manufacture in the first marauders. Meanwhile, one of your WBFs is building permanent supply depots.

To the sides of your base to expand your field of vision. Even if you should have enough space for more units at this time, this is still an important step, because you will soon be producing troops in masses.

Because at Supply Count 20 you are already building barracks #3 and supplying barracks #2 with a reactor. This ensures that from now on two units are spat out at the same time. Which doesn’t mean you get two Marines for the price of one – they just leave the building in a double pack.

Two Marines in 25 seconds instead of 50.

Last but not least, equip Barracks #3 with a tech lab to hire more marauders, build a second refinery and research stimpacks in the tech lab.

As soon as your first Marauder leaves Barracks #3, you gather your troops and march towards your enemies.

Supply Count Overview

10 Supply depot

12 Barracks #1

14 Supply depot (wall-in complete. Remember that each card is different and that one depot may not be enough to complete your wall.)

15 Refinery

16 Scout (Send a WBF on a reconnaissance tour.)

17 Marine

17 Satellite Centre

17 Tech Barracks Laboratory #1

17 Supply Depot

18 Barracks #2

18 Marauder

20 Barracks #3

20 Supply Depot

24 Reactor for Barracks #2

26 Supply Depot Turns off a WBF to permanently construct more supply depots.

27 Tech-Lab for Barracks #3 Now permanently produces 2 Marines and 2 Marauders in your barracks.

35 Refinery #2 Send your troops out as soon as the first Marauder leaves your third barracks.

45 Stimpacks in the Tech Lab Explore.

Permanently commissions more units.

General Tipps und Tricks

  • Buildings must produce. I.e. units should always be built as far as possible, as long as materials are not saved for something special. A particularly seamless production of WBFs is very important here, especially at the beginning. So build supply depots here in time so you don’t get to the supply cap.
  • Although a surplus of raw materials looks good, it is a sign of poor micromanagement. Whoever has 2000 minerals and Vespin on the edge, but does not use them to build something meaningful, is to blame. Try to keep the supply at 300-500 units by producing more and more or start upgrading. If that still isn’t enough to burn your resources, build more production facilities.
  • Scout, scout and scout again. This includes securing your own flanks with depots, WBFs or sensor towers so you won’t be badly surprised by the sides.
  • Against Zergs it is recommended to build in as a Terran first, because the Zerg Rush is a bit faster than the Terran Rush. 2 depots and a barracks usually close the stairs in the 1vs1 cards and leave the Zerg first at the entrance. In that time, your marines will be ready to scare the Zerglings away. Repairs the attacked buildings with the WBFs.

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