Terrans rely on bricklaying their base and the rapid production of barracks. But what is the standard strategy for Protoss? Does it make sense to set the same priorities or is another tactic appropriate? We’ll take a closer look at the classic Protoss opening move and explain step by step what you need to consider.

For all those who like to lose track when building their units, there is of course also a clear technology tree for the Protoss.

General Strategy

The Protoss have the most advanced technology of the three breeds: The shields provide practically double so many hitpoints against comparable Zerg and Terran troops. Automatic recharge of the shields happens much faster than the natural regeneration of the zergs. Note, however, that Shields always take full damage regardless of unit size and damage type of enemy weapons.

In addition to the usual three armour upgrades, you can also upgrade the shields by three more upgrades. Their troops, however, benefit only half – in contrast to the buildings – from this. Wait, therefore with these upgrades until you really don’t know where to put your resources. The disadvantages of Protoss are the high manufacturing costs and the long production times. Therefore, avoid using unnecessary units or buildings.

  1. at the beginning of the game a good defence is essential for survival. You’ll only have a few mobile units so that you should set up photon guns as early as possible.
  2. set up two or three shield batteries next to it. In the event of an attack, you may send your units to the photon guns and thus profit from the shield batteries.
  3. produce Berserker exclusively at first. Dragoons are more expensive than photon cannons and fire slower – do without this type of unit at the beginning.
  4. set up a second and possibly third warp node to form troops faster
    can. This later also applies to the robot factory and space portal.
  5. then build cybernetic core and the citadel of Adun. Value the speed
    the Berserker and the range of the Dragoner. Now you can also start with the production of Begin Dragonern.
  6. you then have the choice to continue with Templers/Archons, Scouts/Trailers or Robbers/Shuttles. If you have to resist strong attacks, you should first bet on Templars. The PSI Storm can be used excellently for basic defense as it does not damage your buildings. Archons in conjunction with shield batteries are the best defensive troops ever.
  7. If there’s no acute danger, you’ll want to expand the Air Force. Scouts are very slow in their production (only carriers and arbiter need much more time), but the comparable Zerg- and Terran units far superior. It is essential that you increase the speed here, in order to be able to to draw level with opponents in this trait.
  8. robbers are a good option only in combination with shuttles because of their slowness. Wait a minute with the production until you have gained clarity about the stage of your opponents hallucinations (especially of scouts and porters) are an excellent tactical tool for Misleading your opponents. First use scout hallucinations as spotting scouts. Mix them then among their own troops to deflect enemy fire. Notice that carrier hallucinations do not include the Interceptors – without neighboring “real” carriers, they will be immediately called such recognized. Hallucinations don’t do damage themselves, take double damage. They destroy themselves after some time. But they are – unlike camouflaged units – also of Detectors not detectable.
  9. use hallucinations from arbiters for fake attacks on the enemy base, while your “true” troops from a completely different side. Remove fire from your troop transporters as you bring units into the heart of the enemy base.
  10. set up photon guns at strategic locations (e.g. in front of the enemy base), and
    Shield batteries. Your troops can retreat to these places to recharge their shields.
  11. when you build a new base, you can usually do this with a probe that can simultaneously was built. Do not save here with photon guns and shield batteries.
  12. post an arbiter at a central position in each of your bases, which can be recalled to I can teleport reinforcements in a matter of seconds. So you can even with a numerically small but powerful force to defend multiple bases.

Against Terran

1. Terraner und Protoss besitzen recht ähnliche Einheiten. Die Protoss-Typen sind denen der Terraner durchgängig überlegen, allerdings sind sie wegen der größeren Kosten und Produktionszeit in einer direkten Konfrontation meistens in der Unterzahl.

2. Einen ersten Ansturm der terranischen Infanterie können Sie wie einen Zerg-Angriff in der Regel mit Berserkern gut abwehren.

3. Achten Sie auf Spinnenminen vor Ihrer Basis. Wenn Sie sie erkennen, können sie durch Sonden leicht zerstört werden. Sie können auch Halluzinationen als Auslöser verwenden. Durch Archons werden keine Minen ausgelöst.

4. Setzen Sie den terranischen Panzern Ihre Räuber entgegen. In Verbindung mit Shuttles können die Räuber den Geschwindigkeitsnachteil ausgleichen.

The Four Gate Rush

This strategy is all about the rapid development of Warptor technology. Build a cybernetic core to immediately explore Warptor technology for 50 minerals and 50 gas. The conversion only takes ten seconds and gives you an unbeatable advantage over your opponent. Because now you can warp new units to any point on the map. However, a pylon or warpprisma built by you must be in the vicinity. After three seconds your selected unit will appear on the spot. Note, however, that it can be attacked and thus destroyed during this process.

Protoss Four Gate Strategy

The warp technology makes it advisable to place your pylons in close proximity to your enemy. But outside his field of vision. So you can unload your units directly in front of him and don’t have to travel all over the map. Also make sure that you keep your opponent from scouting, as you don’t want them to know about your four-gate strategy under any circumstances. So if one of his units is near your base, destroy it immediately.

The first few steps, as always, are to produce as many probes as possible to strengthen your economy. Here it is recommended to use the Protoss property Time Loop (Chrono Boost also called CB for short). This ability, available from the start, allows you to speed up production in a building for 20 seconds. This can increase unit production by 50 percent and research into upgrades by as much as 100 percent. The player has the option to use this ability in different locations. In this way he can accelerate the production of probes or combat units, or even explore critical upgrades more quickly. The time loop costs no minerals or gas, only 25 energy. This in turn regenerates itself over time.

Similar to Terran tactics, you place your first buildings, a pylon, the first warp node, and the cybernetic core on the base ramp so that you block access. After all, under no circumstances should your opponent know that you are building three more warp nodes in your base.

The advantages of this build are clearly in the surprise strategy against Zerg players who rely on a fast expansion. They have little defense just in the initial phase and are a found food for protoss with the Four Gate tactic. You can also quickly destroy the Terran building walls with the early warped stalkers and thus gain access to their base.

Basically the rule of thumb is: Zerg -> Berserker manufacture | Terraner -> Hetzer manufacture. However, if your Zerg opponent uses Roaches, your production will switch to Roaches. Some protectors (sentries) are also recommended to block cockroaches with force fields. A good mixture of your troops is therefore advisable.
build order

9 Pylon #1
10 Probe x 2 (with time loop)
11 Warp knot #1 (Build at 150 minerals. This could also be the case before 12.)
12 Probe x 2 (with time loop)
13 Assimilator #1 (Send three probes to the assimilator immediately.)
16 Pylon #2
Make 16 Berserkers if you play against Zerg. If not, save your resources for agitators.
18 Cybernetics core (Uses at least two time loops to speed up the construction of the core, and then to explore Warptor technology as quickly as possible after completion.)
18/19 Assimilator #2

As of Supply Count 20, the numbers are only intended as a rough guide. Your actual build order may differ, as you are no longer in the early stages of the game.

19/20 agitator (for Terran or Protoss opponent) / berserk (for Zerg opponent)
22 Warp knot #2
23 Warp nodes #3 and #4
24/25 Pylon #3
26 Warptor technology complete. Now transform your warp nodes into warptore and build pylons #4 and #5.
26+ Warp your first troop consisting of four units (protector, berserk, 2 x agitator) to the enemy. Continues to produce a good mix of units. Don’t build too many protectors, three will do.

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