For the pro-gamer, experience is clearly the guarantee of success: “If you are strategically superior to your opponent and a few moves ahead, you usually end up the winner.” Here are his 5 professional tips for ambitious Starcraft II players.

Macro > Micro

Macro: Economy Management
Micro: Unit Management in Fights

Unfortunately Starcraft II is very macro heavy for some reasons. Although you can win some fights with better micro, it is always better to have a good production in the long run. Only enter a fight if you are sure that it will go well for both parties and take care of the production as soon as possible. What your opponent does well in battle you have caught up in the meantime long ago through production.

To stay on the ball, it is important to adjust your playing style regularly. Often these little things can decide victory and defeat. I lost many matches by unnecessary clicking and therefore got used to using camera hotkeys, which made my game much faster. If you don’t like the standard shortcuts, don’t hesitate to change them and get used to them. For example, I put the Immortal (I) on (R) very soon, because the key was too far away from the others.

The right hardware also plays an important role. Your mouse should be handy and not have too many keys (I have two side keys which I use as camera hotkeys). To improve the precision of keystrokes, it is best to use a mechanical keyboard with enough space between the individual keys. After I had exchanged my Stone Age equipment for professional products, I was able to recognize progress in the game after a short time.

5 Important Tipps to get better at Starcraft 2

The five most important rules are to build a functioning economy and use it effectively. The more efficient your economy is, the more superior you will be to your opponent, as you will have more units at your disposal. You win the War of Resources.

1. always builds work units

You will need many WBFs, probes or larvae during the course of the game. Therefore, never stop reproducing these important units. Better have a few workers too many than too few. The Zerg have some advantage here, but Terrans and Protoss should produce workers permanently. With the help of the waypoint you can send them immediately to the ores or to a gas deposit so that they start working immediately. First click on your main building and then on the occurrence with the right mouse button.

Ctrl the main building with a number on a hotkey. In battle you can use the hotkey to reach the building and use the standard hotkeys to re-produce workers.

2. build enough supply buildings to avoid waiting times

Constantly build more supply depots, pylons or overlords in advance so that your production queue doesn’t come to a standstill. You should never get the message in the game that more supply buildings need to be built to continue production. As a rule of thumb, you should build a new supply building in the early stages of the game if you still have three units free up to the limit. In the later course of the game you should rather rebuild or even build several in advance.

3. never accumulate greater resources

It is best to spend ore and gas immediately if you take them to avoid getting a unit disadvantage. Resources in your camp do nothing at all, but instead they could be combat units on the field or an expansion. Always remember to rebuild units throughout the game. Use hotkeys to do this and let replica units join your forces directly. If you have enough resources and can produce several units, it is better to build more production buildings to be able to build units in parallel.

Do not use the apparently useful production chains and do not put several units into production. The resources will be deducted immediately, but you will get the units later. This is almost as bad as the accumulation of resources in the camp. Build several production buildings to build several units at the same time.

4. don’t put too many resources into stationary defense

Especially beginners make the mistake to put all resources into the defense of the base by bunkers, photon cannons, rocket towers etc.. This certainly increases your defensive strength, but the units are immovable and can therefore only be used for defensive purposes. This can still work against the AI, but human opponents will only smile tiredly and counter you. Your opponent lets you unravel in peace, but in return gains total control over the entire map. A disadvantage that you can hardly make up for. This will ultimately ensure that you will hardly lose at the beginning of the game, but in the end you will definitely lose out.

Bunkers seem to be the exception, as you can tear them down later and get the resource back. But you lose resources at the start, which you could put into another barracks or an early factory.

5. scout early and thoroughly

Send a worker to the enemy base very early (at 8-12 supply). Make sure he lives long. This will give you an early idea of what your opponent is planning. Enlightenment is important, because you should not stubbornly stick to a strategy, but better adjust to your opponent.

6. work on your weaknesses

One of the main tipps of pro players is to always work on your weaknesses. So you should try and play against the kind of players which you tend to lose against. If you notice you have a weakness against Protoss, you should play against Protoss more etc. There are many tricks you can learn from experienced players in forums to help you out, if you are stuck. Use the advice in your next match and encorporate the wisdom of others in your game.

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